What is 2 CIR-CLE Racing all about?


Our logo says a lot about us.   It shows what we hope to achieve and that is to use the two circles of our bicycle wheels to help move people from the chaos of addiction (right wheel) to a more ordered path of recovery (left wheel).  The name itself is an acronym.. CIR (Community In Recovery) CLE (Cleveland).  

So who are we?  We are a team of experienced cyclists who are as passionate about addiction recovery as we are about racing bikes. In one way or another, each of us has been touched by the disease of substance abuse disorder.  Our goals are simple: Use our relationships, resources, and visibility as riders to help erase the stigma of addiction and help provide resources to people struggling with this disease as well as to the families and loved ones of those struggling alongside them.  

How can we help...

Support Resources

Often, the hardest part of recovery is knowing where to start.  Inside you'll find links to available resources such as treatment programs, peer support, sober living facilities, meetings, and therapists.  Substance abuse disorders impact more than just individuals.  We also provide resources aimed at providing support and healing for families and loved ones of those battling this disease.  

Community Involvement

We participate in local community events to demonstrate that there is nothing stigmatic about this disease.  We also partner with local organizations that provide resources to those currently in, or seeking recovery to supplement their programming.  This includes lifestyle and job opportunities as well outreach programs.

Scholarship Foundation

To qualified applicants, we aim to provide financial support and placement assistance to those unable to afford the extraordinarily high cost of treatment.

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2 CIR-CLE Racing

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